Duck Hunter Story


Bond Investigations has been hired to do over 500 workers compensation investigations in different areas of the country. Our office was contacted by a large fortune 500 insurance companies to investigate a claimant who had been receiving Workers Compensation benefits for several years. The subject was suspected of malingering. We will call the claimant “Gomes”.

Gomes collected workers’ compensation after claiming injuries to his neck, shoulder and back in an accident in at work in October two years prior to Bond Investigations being hired for surveillance.

After was initial research of the subject it was discovered that the claimant was an avid hunter. A check of the Wisconsin department of Game and Fish website showed that Gomes had paid for a duck hunting license the up coming season.

Bond Investigation surveillance investigators home established surveillance of the subjects at 3 am opening day of the hunting season. Gomes was observed entering his pick-up truck and departing the area wearing camouflage. After about an hour of mobile surveillance our investigators observed entering the woods close to a lake with his shotgun. Due to the close quarters of the lake it was elected not to pursue the claimant into the hunting area. Several hours later Gomes was observed as he exited the lake area caring several ducks that appeared to be dead.

The next day Surveillance investigators split up, and positioned an investigator in a duck blind at the lake with a video camera. An hour later Gomes was observed arriving to his hunting location and footage was obtained of the claimant actively hunting.
The next day surveillance operators followed Gomes to a doctor’s appointment where he was wearing a neck brace and was unable to lift his arms.

Several months later the Insurance Company brought suit and Gomes was later convicted of insurance fraud.

The insurance agency estimated that Gomes collected over $78,000 in unearned benefits.