Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance is the art of observing a place or monitoring a person with the aim of gathering vital information.  By watching a place or person, an individual or company can collect information that ascertain suspicions or assist them in filing a lawsuit. Some of the common reasons why people hire Mesa surveillance experts include:
• Infidelity or cheating investigations.
• Disappearing material supplies in retail store or business location
• Retrieval or bribery or ransom funds
• Child custody investigations.
• Suspected fraud in worker’s compensation cases.
• Insurance claim investigations.
• Repeated vandalism

Trusted Surveillance Agency in Mesa Arizona

Bond Investigations is a trusted surveillance agency in Mesa. We carry out domestic as well as commercial investigations. Our aim is to assist clients gather admissible evidence on various issues. We’re often called upon to carry out surveillance on suspected thieves, fraudulent employees, and cheating spouses. Regardless of whether your spouse is cheating or employees conniving, we are here to provide you the evidence you need.

Work with Top Surveillance Investigators in Mesa

Federal and state privacy laws make it injudicious for individuals to carry out surveillance. Besides, you need to know what kind of surveillance and recording is permissible within your jurisdiction. Should you infringe a person’s right to privacy, you may end up being prosecuted and all evidence you’ve gathered deemed inadmissible before a court of law. That’s where Bond Investigations come in.

Trained to work stealthily and discreetly, our agents are able to minimize the possibility of discovery while keeping log of vital information. We are vastly adept in carrying out domestic surveillance and tracking targets. For each case, we write and furnish clients with surveillance reports supported by video tapes, photographs, and other necessary documentation.

As licensed private investigators, we understand the laws governing surveillance in Mesa. We are able to undertake more intensive surveillance than an ordinary citizen would in normal circumstances. Aside from legality issues, we are fully-equipped with high-resolution cameras and video camcorders allowing us to capture or film evidence on location. Our cameras record the date and date of actual filming.

Hire Mesa surveillance experts

Focus on your business and let our surveillance investigators help you obtain all the evidence you need before you make you next move.