Elder Abuse Investigations

elder abuse investigations

Elderly persons (senior citizens) deserve proper care and attention. Unfortunately, that’s not often the case. They’re prone to mistreatment and neglect. It’s not unusual for them to endure physical, emotional, and financial emotional abuse because of old age. Surprisingly, elder abuse cuts across all classes from the financially disadvantaged right through middle class to wealthy households. Elder abuse investigations Mesa consistently show that family members and friends are often the major culprits, making discovery and disclosure difficult.

Why is Elder Abuse Overlooked?

Research and studies on the subject of elder abuse have been few and far in between until recently. Coroners, doctors, medical examiners, and law enforcement agencies seem to have disregarded this area because they have limited knowledge on the issue of elder abuse. The problem is compounded by limited medical forensic guidelines on how to conduct investigations on the death of elderly persons.

25 Years of Experience in Elder Abuse Investigations in Mesa

Elder abuse and death investigation is one area that requires the expertise and insight of seasoned detectives. Bond Investigations takes pride in having seasoned and reliable detectives who are well-versed in this area. Our investigators have a proven track record in conducting thorough background investigations and presenting hard evidence on cases of elder abuse. Whether you want to uncover a history of financial abuse or bogus lawsuits filed for monetary gain, we can shed light on everything that elderly victims have endured.

Bring Out Truth and Scrutinize Witnesses

Often, the majority of witnesses who take the stand either testify dishonestly or fail to disclose vital information. Carrying out civil background investigation gives you the opportunity to uncover previous lawsuits as well as any undisclosed pre-existing injuries. When you hire us to conduct elder abuse investigation in Mesa, you will be able to ascertain or discredit the testimony of any witness.

Need for Professional Elder Abuse Investigations?

Do you suspect that any senior member of your family is a victim of emotional, physical, or financial abuse or neglect? Call (480) 357-7710 and talk to one of our professional investigators. We are more than happy to help you get to the truth of the matter.