Background Investigations

Professional Background Investigation:

Bond Investigations is a trusted and reliable source for comprehensive background investigation services. With a dedicated team of licensed private investigators, we have served individuals and businesses in Mesa, Arizona, with unwavering commitment. Our extensive experience and expertise in background investigations enable us to deliver the results our clients seek.

Our Background Investigation Services

Litigation Background Investigation: Our background investigation services assist businesses in uncovering questionable lawsuits and criminal backgrounds. We provide clients with concrete evidence to address discrimination-related cases or personal injury lawsuits.

Workplace Investigations: Employers, attorneys, and corporate entities often rely on us to conduct thorough investigations to uncover illicit activities and unethical practices. Our background investigators in Mesa, Arizona, are skilled in revealing fraudulent schemes and activities that violate company policies.

Personal Reference Verification: As part of our background investigation process, we meticulously verify the references provided by candidates or applicants. Our investigators go beyond contacting associates and look for any gaps in employment history or discrepancies in educational qualifications.

Criminal Record Check: By hiring our background investigators, businesses and individuals can mitigate fraud or theft risks. We have access to federal databases that provide accurate information about the criminal histories of subjects, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Identity Verification: If you suspect someone is using a false identity, our private investigation team can confirm the real identities of individuals. With access to state-maintained databases, we can provide accurate information to authenticate personal details.

Education Verification: Employers understand the importance of verifying academic records. Our background investigators can assist you in confirming whether individuals have genuinely completed their education and obtained the certifications they claim to have.

Military Records: Our private investigators can perform comprehensive background checks on ex-service personnel to verify their military records. We can provide accurate and reliable information if you have any doubts regarding an applicant’s military background.

Financial Background: To assess the financial status of individuals, we offer financial background checks. Our investigators can provide insights into credit scores, equity-debt ratios, and overall financial standing, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Professional License Verification: We meticulously verify professional licenses and certifications issued to individuals. Our background investigators scrutinize state-held records for any education-related or disciplinary issues and cancellations or suspensions.

In Need of Background Investigation?

If you need professional background investigation services in Mesa, Arizona, call us at (602) 491 2871 to speak with one of our experienced private investigators. We are ready to take on your case and provide you with the information and evidence you require—trust Bond Investigations for thorough and reliable background investigations tailored to your needs.

Alimony Investigations: Trust our experienced team of investigators to conduct thorough alimony investigations, gathering crucial evidence to support your case and ensure a fair resolution.

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