Background Investigation Mesa

Background Investigations

As an employer or business person, one of the wisest decisions you can ever make is to conduct background checks on prospective employees and business partners.  White-collar crime and insidious fraud have reached alarming levels and background investigation Mesa can act as a deterrent. So, you cannot afford to let your guard down even for a minute.  Through timely background investigations, you will be able to uncover the true identities, employment histories, and criminal records of potential employees.

Background Investigation Services in Mesa

For over 25 years, Bond Investigations has provided reliable background checks to employers and the business community in Mesa.  We have assisted hundreds of employers to uncover criminal past, bankruptcies, and sham lawsuits. Our aim is to secure the interests of employers and curtail employee activities that can cause financial loss or loss of credibility.

Workplace Background Investigations: We are well-versed in conducting professional background investigations for employers, individuals, attorneys, and corporations. Our detectives have access to comprehensive criminal databases as well as other kinds of reliable information databases. Access to these tools enables us to undertake swift investigations and provide each client with the ultimate truth.

Personal Reference Verification: we go beyond creating a list of friends, associates, and neighbors who speak positively of the candidate. Our experienced background investigators in Mesa structure concise questions that may reveal unknown gaps in employment or exaggerated academic qualifications.

Criminal Records: performing a fundamental criminal record check in Mesa is of utmost importance to any employer. Background checks will not only protect your business from fraud or employee theft but also protect innocent employees from the possibility of workplace harassment or violence.

Litigation Background Investigations: Work-related injury and discrimination lawsuits cost U.S. employers billions of dollars each year. Employers can proactively protect themselves by identifying high-risk applicants who frequently file such lawsuits. A comprehensive civil background investigation can uncover bad business dealings or previous attempts to file bogus lawsuits for monetary gain.

Education Verification: As an employer, you ought to confirm whether a candidate graduated from college, obtained a GED, or completed professional training as indicated in the resume. This will enable you to find and hire a candidate with the right skillset and desirable experience.

Employment References: Occupation reference checks in Mesa are recommended when verifying an applicant’s resume/curriculum vitae. It enables the employer to hire a candidate who is perfectly suited for the job role and workplace.

Driving Records (DMV): Before you hire a candidate for the position of a driver or heavy machine operator, it advisable to scrutinize the driving records of applicants. We can help you conduct a fast and cost-effective search that will reduce the risk of workplace incidents or transportation accidents.

Identity Verification: conducting a simply identify verification is the surest way of ascertaining the true identities of candidates. A quick database search will eliminate costly delays during the hiring and yield accurate records on each applicant. Recently, the Department of Homeland Security enforced the No-match Rule to help employers deal effectively with inaccuracies in identity. Though subject to litigation, we believe it will underpin efforts to curtail identity theft abuse in the future workplace.

Military Records: The majority of employers are not aware that military records are verifiable. Most applicants tend to assume that claims of military service will not be verified for accuracy. Should you suspect that any applicant is exaggerating or misrepresenting a military record, call us to perform a thorough military background check on your behalf.

Financial Background: If you’d like to know the true potential of candidates, look at their financial backgrounds. We are more than happy to furnish you with credit scores, liens, bankruptcy records, and equity to debt analysis of applicants in a well-written and documented investigative report.

Professional License Verification: we efficiently check and verify professional licenses issued to individuals. We’ll scrutinize government-held records containing investigations, education, and disciplinary matters and uncover revocations or suspensions.