Alimony Investigations

Where are Alimony Payments Going?

alimony investigations

Divorce is not just a painful experience but a situation that has serious financial implications on either partner. Alimony investigations are critical in lifting the burden of paying alimony to a separated or divorced partner. It’s wrong for anyone going through a divorce to make alimony (imposed for a finite or indefinite time) payments towards a spouse or partner co-habiting with a new lover. With the assistance of our alimony investigators Mesa, the alimony can be reduced significantly and even be eliminated in some cases.

Stop Alimony from Going to the Wrong Place

One party often tends to abuse the alimony situation by creating a false sense of security even if their new partner have a place of residence. It’s not unusual for alimony payments to end up in the pockets of your ex instead of going towards the essentials (food, rent, utilities). You can stop your ex from abusing the alimony situation for financial gain by enlisting the help of our private investigator in Mesa. Alimony Investigations in Mesa show “change in circumstances” so that your alimony can be modified or annulled. With adequate proof, you can petition the court to reconsider your alimony.

Alimony Reduction and Termination

Under Arizona law, any order for spousal maintenance can be reduced or terminated upon showing substantial change in circumstances. This is necessary when an ex-partner or spouse cohabits with a new lover or partner. Lack of sexual relationship does not prohibit a finding of cohabitation. The court would normally consider the following factors in determination of whether a de facto wide and husband relationship exists.

• Duration of the relationship
• time spent by the couples
• nature of routine activities
• the interrelation of personal affairs
• whether or not they vacation together
• whether or not they spend holidays together

Spousal maintenance may be given to either spouse where one party proves it’s necessary for them to meet their financial obligations. Arizona laws also cover legally separated spouses not just divorcees.

We Can Obtain Proof

Neither the court nor police is duty-bound to carry out alimony investigations even if you suspect that your ex-partner is cohabiting with someone. The onus to obtain proof that a relationship is both “continuing” and “conjugal” rests squarely on your shoulders. Our private investigators in Mesa can fill this void and help you with information and evidence that will help you prove your situation before a court. Our trained and seasoned investigators will uncover the nature of the relationship and submit persuasive documentation that will assist your attorney to build a convincing case.

Fast Track Alimony Investigations Mesa

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