Veronica’s Story

Veronica was married, and she had three children. Her husband traveled for work, and that had never been an issue. However, he began to act strangely. Things were not the same at home. Veronica was afraid that he was falling in love with someone else. When she asked if he was having an affair, he assured her that was not the case. However, the behavior continued, and Veronica needed to know the truth.

Veronica got in touch with Bond Investigations. She met with a case analyst and discussed her situation. This meeting was free, and it allowed Veronica to understand how a PI works. The case analyst helped her decide the best way to move forward to determine once and for all that her husband was being unfaithful. That method would be through surveillance since direct confrontation had only led to more lies from her husband. The private investigators would have to be there to see the husband with his lover and catch him in the act.

Veronica began to read text messages and emails her husband received. She realized he was communicating with a woman in another state. Soon, her husband claimed to have a work trip that required him to visit the state where the woman lived. He said he would be gone for one week.

Veronica let Bond Investigations know that he was traveling, what flight he would take, and when he would be arriving. She sent a photograph of her husband to the private investigators. They also obtained a photograph of the woman whom the husband was supposed to meet. Two investigators set themselves up at the airport, waiting for the husband to arrive.

The duo of PIs arranged themselves to make sure they covered the arrivals gate and the area outside of baggage claim, to be sure to catch any situations where the husband showed his true colors. The effort was successful. They caught video evidence of him greeting his lover with a hug and kiss and holding her hand while walking to pick up his bags.

Investigators also recorded more video evidence during the husband’s visit, all including notable displays of affection in public that could not be denied. Veronica had her worst fears confirmed. Her husband was unfaithful.

From that point, Veronica had some hard decisions to make. However, she had worked with Bond Investigations and took full advantage of the private investigator services that they offer.

Veronica was able to not only confirm her fears, but she had video evidence to prove it. He could no longer brush off her concerns or tell her that she was imagining things. She was able to get closure and have evidence to back up her knowledge, so she could file for divorce or take whatever measures she needed to in order to deal with the infidelity. Veronica was able to make important decisions for herself and her children. Her husband was left to deal with the fallout of his lies and deceit.

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