Tyler’s Story

My sister, Beth, was taking care of our elderly mother. I thought things were going great, but then my mom started calling me and telling me these awful stories. Beth said that Mom was suffering from dementia, but then I was not allowed to see Mom. We live in the same town, so I went over for lunch or dinner at least twice a week. Once Mom started calling me to tell me that Beth was stealing money from her and that Beth wasn’t getting Mom’s prescriptions like she was supposed to, I got worried. The last straw was Beth saying I could not come to see Mom anymore, and I wasn’t allowed to take her out on my own. I knew that something had to change, or Mom might get really sick – or worse.

I tried talking to a lawyer, and I tried calling to report elder abuse. However, the local organizations that could help me told me I needed more proof than phone calls and not being allowed to see Mom. A lawyer said he could help, but it would be better if I hired a PI and had them gather some evidence. I didn’t even think about private investigator services and how they could help me to help my mother.

I called Bond Investigations because I found their number online when I Googled “private investigator.”

I visited their office to discuss my fears and the struggle with my sister. They told me that they could help. They conducted surveillance on my sister and my mom. They took photos that showed my mother did not look healthy. They talked to people that were also worried about Mom. Her friends didn’t see her anymore either, and when they did they reported Mom told them Beth was abusing her. Mental, physical, and even financial abuse evidence piled up.

I took everything Bond Investigations gave me to my lawyer. Since they are experienced private investigators, the evidence was all admissible. I had the proof I needed to save my mom from my sister. My sister ended up being charged, and she was found guilty. My mom lives with me now, and she sees her friends every week and has a clean bill of health. She gets all her medications whenever she needs them. We even got her a cat.

My mom is not suffering from dementia. She is healthy and able to do all the things she loves. I feel bad for my sister, but I know that she took on too much and started taking out her stress and her frustration on Mom. That is not OK, and I had to step in.

My mom and I are very grateful to the PI who made a difference for us – in fact, we are thankful for everything that Bond Investigations did to help me protect my mom. They helped me give her life back, and she is happier than she has been in years.

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