Marcus’ Story


Portrait of young man looking at camera while sitting on cars fr
Portrait of young man looking at camera while sitting on cars front seat

My lawyer is pretty good at what he does, but when it came to my defense for the criminal charges I was facing, my ex-partner was really important. When he decided to skip town – and the state – instead of sticking around to defend me, I knew things didn’t look good.

My lawyer recommended we get in touch with Bond Investigations. I knew they offered private investigator services, but I was not sure what they could do to help out with my criminal defense case. It turns out, they could do a lot. I am very grateful that we got in touch with this PI firm.

I knew the police could not do a lot when it came to searching for my ex-partner. I was not sure where he would have gone, but I knew he wouldn’t want to be found. I was starting to realize that he probably set me up or at least was taking full advantage of the fact I was charged and not him. When it comes to involving a private investigator, I was hopeful but not confident things would be resolved.

The staff for Bond Investigations brings years of experience in various fields like law and journalism to their current profession. They also take full advantage of the networks they developed in their previous career. This can mean good things for their clients, and I was one to benefit from these networks and previous experience.

They found my ex-partner, and they figured out what he was hiding. The charges against me were dropped, and the evidence actually worked against my ex-partner, resulting in charges for him instead.

Our business is gone, and I have to figure out how to move forward with my life. However, Bond Investigations takes pride in providing the truth to its clients. I didn’t end up going to jail, and I know the truth about everything that happened with my business. I know what mistakes not to make going forward, and I know to be more careful with who I trust.

A PI can be helpful in ways that the police just don’t have the time and manpower to provide. If you have a situation that requires help and you have no idea where to turn, the best thing to do is at least make an appointment with Bond Investigations. You can consult with some of the best private investigators in the area. They can explain what private investigator services they offer and how those might be beneficial to you. I say give it a try, I know I would be behind bars now if they had decided they couldn’t take my case. Instead, I get to live my life and know the truth behind everything that ruined my business.

What can it hurt to make an appointment? It saves you forever wondering if you could have found the truth. That would be a heavy weight to bear.