George’s Story

George’s life was pretty normal. At 59, he had worked a string of successful welding jobs, with his current employment located in California. On weekends, his girlfriend of 20 years flew in regularly from Boston, where he had lived previously. One weekend, she came to visit and look for work. To relax, the two went out for drinks with a few of George’s friends. Back at home, the fun night turned ugly. One of George’s friends stabbed him during a fight.

George was not seriously hurt, so he decided the best option was to leave for the night and come back when everyone had sobered up. As he was leaving the house, however, his friend attacked again. George defended himself and ended up with the knife. He also ended up on the receiving end of a Second Degree Murder charge and a trip to jail.

George spent an agonizing nine months in jail, cut off from his pension and any chance of paying a private attorney. Meanwhile, his public defender was doing nothing for his case. George was losing hope, but then he heard about Bond Investigations, a group that offered private investigator services and had a reputation for providing great results to the criminal defense attorneys they collaborated with within the state.

The first step was providing access to George’s retirement funds. The private investigator flew to George’s union hall to make sure he got the paperwork he needed to access his funds. Next, he hired one of the best defense attorneys available.

George’s next issue was the excessively high bail that was set. It turned out a criminal record in Baltimore – that did not belong to George – was the reason for the bail. Bond Investigations handled evidence gathering personally to make sure the presiding judge got proof that the individual with the record had the same name and a similar birthday, but it was not the George in custody. Bail was reduced, and George got his release.

George was able to return to work while evidence was gathered and witnesses were contacted. Bond Investigations worked hard to find key evidence, evidence that eventually led to the dismissal of the case. That dismissal came on the first day of the trial, and it was due to the assistance of Bond Investigations.

George was very grateful for the assistance of such high-quality private investigator services. The help of a private investigator made the difference in George’s case, ultimately leading to the dismissal. George was able to return to Boston and live and work near his girlfriend again. They were able to put this difficult time in George’s life behind him and move forward toward a happier day. Without the help of Bond Investigations, George might have spent the rest of his life in prison. Hiring a PI can make all the difference in finding answers or being left without any hope.
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