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Industry Leader in Mesa

For more than 25 years in the industry, we have worked closely with hundreds of private individuals and companies solving various kinds of cases.


Locally owned and operated, our private investgators in Mesa, AZ will help you obtain evidence and find out the truth on domestic or commercial matters.


At Bond Investigations, our passion is to help individuals and organizations deal with their cases. We deliver real results, factual answers, and hard evidence.

Private Investigators in Mesa, AZ

Bond Investigations is a premier private investigations and surveillance company serving clients in Mesa, Arizona. Established in 2003 by Dorian Bond, our goal is to help individuals and organizations fight for their rights to know the truth and find answers to their questions. Built with an enviable reputation for conducting swift, discreet, and conclusive investigations, our company is dedicated to help anyone who is in a desperate situation trying to uncover the truth—from insurers seeking info on claimants to concerned parents needing child support payments to companies doing background checks on candidates. Our skilled detectives and private investigators in Mesa are ready to work with you on any case.

CEO & Founder of Bond Investigations Inc.

Private Investigators in Arizona

Mesa Investigation Services We Offer

Private Investigations

Hire experienced private investigators in Mesa, AZ, whom you can work with regarding any case. From domestic and marital issues to company fraud and money embezzlement to finding a missing witness, our professional detectives are skilled and trained to help you.

Surveillance Investigations

Want to uncover the truth about issues regarding fraud, theft, vandalism, or infidelity? Our surveillance investigators in Mesa will help you gather information and monitor individuals, locations, or activities covertly to provide you with the answers and evidence you need.

Infidelity Investigations

Uncover hidden secrets, gather evidence, and find peace of mind. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, let our discreet infidelity investigations provide you with the answers you deserve. Don't let doubts consume you—take action today and regain control of your life.

Child Custody Investigations

Secure your child's future with the help of our child custody Investigations service. Our private detectives will work with you in uncovering hidden assets, verifying income, ensuring fair support payments, as well as identifying the whereabouts of your children.

Criminal Defense Investigations

Don’t let unlawful suspicions and assumptions lead you to unjust punishment. Fight for justice with the help of lawyers and private investigators in Mesa, AZ. Our criminal defense investigations can help you ensure a fair trial and provide you with a favorable outcome.

Background Investigations

Licensed, skilled, and highly experienced in every facet of an investigation, our background investigators can help private individuals and companies do extensive background checks on anyone. Uncover the truth and find out answers with Both Investigations.

Elder Abuse Investigations

Elder abuse, harassment, and violence are very serious matters that need to be dealt with immediately. Through our elder abuse investigations, we help clients find out the truth about unethical, ill-mannered, violent, and unjust treatments given towards senior citizens and old, weak individuals.

Insurance Investigations

Protect your bottom line and maintain integrity in the insurance industry. Our Mesa private investigators specializing in insurance investigations can help insurance companies combat fraud by meticulously examining claims, uncovering evidence, and providing accurate assessments.

Business Investigations

Are you running a business or corporation? Do you want to make sure that your people and operations are running as smoothly and legally as expected? Our business investigations help businesses protect their assets, maintain their reputation, and stop fraud or embezzlement cases.

Alimony Investigations

Divorce and separations can be a messy situation, especially if it involves alimony. Our private investigators in Mesa will conduct careful and confidential inquisitions among spouses. We will obtain evidence that will help you leverage in getting alimony.

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is essential when finding a missing person for whatever reason. Our skip tracing investigators perform exhaustive and discreet investigations when uncovering the whereabouts of a missing person, whether it’s a missing relative or an elusive witness.

Locate Investigations

Are you trying to locate a specific individual? Whether it's a person in hiding, debtor, witness, or long-lost relative, our experienced team of locate investigators employs advanced techniques to track them down. Let Bond Investigations bring closure to your search.

Words From Clients

  • I highly recommend Bond Investigations Inc. for any investigative need you have. They are very thorough and professional and get results quickly. Their investigators will work around the clock to investigate your case and they have the tools and resources to find what you are looking for. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed in their work.

    John Dowson
  • I had a delicate situation with my child a few years ago that needed investigation. I called around to several companies and got straightforward answers from Dorian Bond. I am so glad that I contacted him. He has a staff of full-time investigators with many years of experience. They handled my case with urgency and professionalism. Dorian and his staff are top-notch!

    Janete Jones

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